Few Reasons Why Place Your Order with Our Company

You can find a variety of websites claiming to offer the finest essay writing services, but most of them know nothing of how to write as per the highest linguistic standard. So many things separate us from other companies, and the following table will give you a better idea of why Ca.bestessays.com is a better choice.

Scam companies
Ca.Bestessays.com is a legitimate writing service
  • They may charge you less - a lot less than the standard $9.95/page, but that only means they outsource your paper to inexperienced and unqualified writers who are willing to sell them short.
  • We maintain a perfect balance in wages and prices, and that's why we have made the finest and most qualified writers and researchers to work on your paper. Get the best value for money from us!
  • Scam companies will give you no way to contact them - they may only have a live chat option but no phone number or mailing address at all.
  • Give us a call, send us an email, or contact us through live chat anytime, day or night, and we'll answer!
  • They usually mention internet fax numbers starting with codes like 775, 512, 347, etc.
  • We have fax machines installed in our office and we take special care of every document you send to help us complete your order with authority.
  • They process payment without offering any protection to the customer - and they never believe in offering a refund.
  • We offer payment protection using Authorize.net, and there is no need to worry about losing your information at all.
  • The paper they write will always contain spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and formatting mistakes as well.
  • Our MA and PhD writers have already served thousands of customers and they double-check your paper for grammatical, structural, stylistic, and spellings mistakes before making them available for download.
  • They try to win your trust by publishing fake testimonials, which will always look too good to be true.
  • We take our customers' feedbacks seriously and always try to improve our service to deliver 100% satisfaction.
  • They don't understand the importance of making timely delivery of your order - they take urgent orders, and usually forget about submitting it on time.
  • We meet deadlines without fail, even if you've requested an urgent delivery.
  • They may have the hacker safe logo on their website, but it's usually nothing more than a picture - their websites are completely unprotected.
  • We use ScanAlert.com for security, and our security logo will take you to the service provider's website.

What should you expect from an essay writing service?

Nothing, but the best, and that's exactly what you get when you place your order with CA.bestessays.com. Not only this, we also give you the best writing assistance at the most affordable price. We don't promise you an unrealistic price of $8.95 or even less because we have the best writers on-board who don't like to work for peanuts. Still, we offer specific discounts to make it a lot more affordable for our customers. So, wait no more - place your order, today!

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