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Our lifetime discounts

We value your trust, and we go the distance to deliver the maximum satisfaction to our customers. To appreciate your loyalty, we offer valuable discounts to our regular customers. Not only this, we offer special discount deals to new and returning customers as well. Save a lot of money by becoming a V. I. P customer - and to become a special customer, keep ordering more!
Silver Discount

To qualify for our Silver Rewards Program, you simply need to order 15+ pages. Once you enter this rewards program, you get 5% off on your total order amount. It's a lifetime discount!

Golden Discount

You will receive a discount of 10% once your order exceeds 51 pages. Our VIP Gold Rewards Program will definitely help you improve your savings if you regularly need help with your academic papers.

Platinum Discount

Enjoy 15% discount on your total order amount if you're have already ordered 101 pages. Keep ordering to be a member of our VIP Platinum Rewards Program.